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Satiurn HQ

Our Story

Hi! I'm Paolo, a SaaS developer from Italy and one of the three founders of Satiurn. Now I'm going to tell you our story:

It all started four years ago when I was learning the basic suite for web development (Javascript, PHP, and HTML+CSS). Two older guys found me and thought that I could be a great developer for their app (gym calories tracker). I was happy about this and I got involved in the project with two of my greatest friends (Simone and Francesco).

The project was a waste of time ⌛, after two weeks of work the two founders deleted us from every repository and everything related to the project. Their reason was:

"We don't necessitate 3 of you and we can't take only one".

I think it's the business version of the girlfriend blocking ⛔ you on Instagram/Whatsapp.

A day after that we decided to create a new team ~with blackjack and hookers!~

We were younger, we didn't know the basics of a business process and how to look at the real potentiality around an idea. And with the same Benders' 🤖 mood we wanted to create a new social network, in which you can find all the parties near to you, something like Eventbrite but for Discos and student's event. The project was completely unsustainable and after some months of hard-working, we decided to shut it down 😔.

After our second failure, we stopped our dreaming aspirations and decided to work as website developers for local customers. During that period we felt the necessity of a ton of tools 🧰.

In particular, we needed:

  • A productivity platform (Trello/Asana), we have tried all the freemium ones but all of them were in a certain way limited and we really couldn't afford subscription per user plans.
  • A simple CRM but the free ones were useless, and they were so ugly and difficult to use, we just expected to collect our contacts, create some proposals and take care of our balance, nothing more. Ah, I don't want to forget that the great majority of them look cursed.
  • A time tracker system to track how many hours we were working on each project.
  • And finally, a site that helps us to create well-looking payment forms linked with our Stripe account.

By this born Satiurn, we decided to create a platform that fits all of our demands. We started to build at the beginning of 2020. After a first developing period, we showed the first Satiurn version to some local agencies and startups, they encouraged us a lot 🚀. And after this inspirational boost, our mission changed: Satiurn aspires to become the ultimate management platform for freelancers and agencies. We also established some fundamental rules for our product:

  • The platform must be easy-to-use for everyone
  • The pricing plans must be FLAT (anyone hates subscription/user plans 💸).
  • The set of functionalities must be broad, but the platform must remain minimal.

Since February 2021 we have started to sell Satiurn online, and now (April 2021) we have a few dozen different daily active users but stay tuned, I want to update this page ASAP 🚀.

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