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Manage finance movement categories

Finance, Administration

How to use the categories to better understand your business financial activity in Satiurn

At its most basic form, the category can be thought of as a bucket that collects financial transactions. As companies go through the process of developing their categories, they will see that there will be some transactions that do not belong in any of the existing categories.

Let's see how simple it is to create a new movement category on Satiurn:

  1. Go to the Administration section on the finance tab.
  2. Click on the manage categories button.
  3. Add a new label and choose it as an income or outcome category.
  4. You can also decide to hide the category to the partial read user.
  5. Finally, press the add button now the job is done!
  6. Remember, you can use the filter in the upper part of the page to choose which category has to be displayed.

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