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How to setup your domain with CNAME integration

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Start using Satiurn through your own domain with CNAME integration

Satiurn's CNAME integration is now available. Today we'll see what it is and how you can use Satiurn through your domain.

When you sign up for Satiurn, a personalized subdomain is given to you to access directly to your business. But if for any reason you need a higher grade of white labeling, you may need to access Satiurn with your domain.

Let's see how to add your domain to your business:

  1. Before starting on Satiurn, you need to go on your domain setting page.
  2. Choose the domain you want to use and create a new CNAME record pointing to
  3. Now you are ready to go on Satiurn's settings page and select the business tab.
  4. In the personalized domain field, write down your CNAME record previously created.
  5. You may need to wait some minutes for all the systems to get setted up.
  6. Now, you are ready to go and access your business from your domain.
  7. Also, don't forget to check how to set your branding and personalize section names through custom translations.

If you have any questions on these topics, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

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