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How to manage income and expenses

Finance, Administration

Track your income and expenses like a boss with Satiurn

Tracking your income and expenses is a must for every business owner. It is easy for accountants to do, but not for most of us. Satiurn makes it painless for anyone to start tracking their income and expenses.

We will take a look at what Satiurn can do and how you can get started with tracking your income and expenses:

  1. Go to the Administration section on the finance tab.
  2. Here, you can see month per month how your business is going from the possible income to the current expenses and how much is the monthly active.
  3. You can also manage categories by adding and removing them. It is useful when used with filters.
  4. You can create a single transaction, attach a file to it, and choose a recurrent or a simple movement.
  5. If the movement is of income type, you can create a payment link to get paid directly with Stripe or Paypal integration.
  6. Import many transactions in a single time by clicking on the gear icon and following all the steps required.
  7. Export in a PDF the summary of your monthly activity.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about how to track your income and expenses with Satiurn. You can be more productive and save money when you let Satiurn take care of your expenses. You can even see how much you have saved each month. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Satiurn today by visiting our website.

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