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How to create and manage your reminders on Satiurn

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How to organize your appointment in a better way through Satiurn reminders

Meeting with clients is the need of every business now and then. But there are so many calls and emails that you have to go through the day that it is easy to miss the meeting that you have scheduled. Satiurn's reminders will help you to manage your appointments in a better way. Ok let's start:

  1. Directly from the home page click on the plus button on the calendar.
  2. Fill in all the information about your appointment.
  3. Add some attachment to your reminder loading the file from computer files, google drive, or dropbox.
  4. Enjoy your new reminder.

It’s always a good idea to organize your appointments in a better way. And with Satiurn you can do this lighting fast. If you have any questions on these topics, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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