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How to create and manage your deals


Become more time-efficient and optimize your income with Satiurn's project section

If you want to work way more efficiently, you need to do fewer things. With Satiurn, you can write down all the tasks you need to do. Set for each of them a time and predict how long all the work takes.

The appropriate workflow to better handle your deals is:

  1. Create a new work pipeline, a container of all your current and future works.
  2. Add a new deal to your pipeline and set a value and a probability for it. You can also assign your collaborators to interact with it.
  3. Write down your tasks inside the board, using the time tracking feature to understand how fast you are with your work.
  4. Change your deal progress through the pipeline during all its lifetime.
  5. Complete all your tasks, check them and finish your work at the speed of light 🚀.

As we have discovered earlier, there are many ways to use Satiurn to enhance your business. It can help you keep track of your team’s progress, manage budgets, and stay on top of your projects. We encourage you to try Satiurn.

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